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Galvanic coating

Our company has own galvanic production and realizes following types of galvanic coating:

Chrome plating

Our company realizes wear-proof chrome plating services. Two-layer coating with milk-chrome under-layer is possible too. There is a possibility to cover with decorative chrome with copper and nickel under-layers. Maximum product size for chrome plating 2000x500x500 mm.

Zinc plating

We realize services in zinc plating of small items with ammonia electrolyte in cylinders. There is a possibility to realize a chromatizing of zinc-covered products. Maximum product size for zinc plating 300x300 mm.

Nickel plating

Nickel plating is basically used as a decorative finish and as a decorative chromatizing. Maximum product size for nickel plating 300x300 mm.

Copper plating

Copper plating is used for a wide circle of products in machinery manufacturing: products brazing improvement; products, subjected to deep drawing; electrical conduction improvement; fixed positions protection, etc. Maximum product size for copper plating 300x300 mm.