Member of the Commerce-industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation

Our company specializes on the manufacture of metal products

We produce parts and products according to drawings and customer`s technical specification of non-ferrous metals and carbon steel. Our company is a full production cycle - from design to delivery and installation of products in Russia and CIS countries.

All metalworking operations are performed with all requirements of the technological process by highly qualified specialists with professional education.

Our installation and heat treatment specialists are attested with a right to perform at dangerous facilities (Oil-and-Gas Production Equipment, Oil Refining, Explosion and Fire Hazardous Production Equipment). Welding works specialists are certified by The National Agency for Welding Inspection system.

We execute both large serial and small single orders.

Constant movement towards renovation and improvement of machinery equipment makes possible to manufacture parts and high-quality products in the shortest possible time.

Nowadays the market is constantly changing, and we are always up to date with the latest changes and trends. Watching carefully the development of the business community, the evolution of the today's market needs, we seek to introduce new methods and technologies before others, and before others are able to rate, which of them will stand the test of time.

The main treasure of our company is the upper-class and solid team.

Mastering the highest standards of work we never forget, that we all are people. General corporative philosophy is an important rallying point for all of our employees. The capacity of each of them is unique and above any price.

A set of high workmanship standards, high-tech equipment, collective capacity allows me, as executive director, responsibly to make a statement, that all the orders of all our clients will been executed on time and with maximum possible quality.

Alexei Vasilievich

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