Member of the Commerce-industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation

Import substitution

Our company is ready to consider a proposal of domestic equivalent production of foreign equipment, also replacement parts for it. We have the experience in mining equipment production, power hydraulics systems, internal devices for technological equipment of oil, gas and chemical complex.


  • logistics costs saving
  • simplification of installation and equipment repair realization
  • significant cost reduction of end items relative to the changes of the currency exchange rates
  • Placing of foreign companies` production in our areas

    Our company is always open to proposals of cooperation with foreign companies in their placing of hydraulic cylinders, mining equipment, internal devices for technological equipment of oil, gas and chemical complex and other production in our areas.

    This approach allows:

  • to participate in state tenders on beneficial terms
  • to save logistics cost repeatedly
  • to expand the customer base significantly
  • to reduce the costs of production at the expense of relatively low labour cost relative to the significant changes of the currency exchange rates
  • We are ready to organize Service Centers for equipment maintenance.

    We are able to guarantee a production output in strict compliance with partner companies` technologies. Our specialists are ready to adapt the production for our equipment.

    Construction department of our company has the experience in foreign companies` drawings adaptation to domestic State Standards and metal.

    Our specialists

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